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The AOLRC & the Board of Directors would like to thank Rod Frazer for his hard work & dedication to the AOLRC.  Rod was instrumental in creating the 1st AOLRC Web Page: (  The Web Page has since been changed to our current address:  Somehow in the last year, we lost our Domain and a new Web Page needed to be created thus the change.  With that Domain loss, we also lost all the information that we had on our old Web Page.  We have been slowly building it back up.  We appreciate your patience while we undergo this task.

Rod had a copy of all the old Newsletters - thank goodness.  They have been loaded down below for your reading pleasure.

Thank you Rod!!!

(Featured gunsmiths in parenthesis)

August 1979     (Alexander Ager, A.C. McGirr)

February 1980     (The Vincent Family, John M. Yerian)

September 1980     (Peter Reinhard)

February 1981     (Adam Stilgenbauer, Nicholas Carpenter, Thomas M. Yerian)

September 1981     (Samual Stull)

February 1982     (John Shuler, William Bodenheimer)

July 1982     (Levi Biddle, Charles & Andrew Pettit, The Humberger Family)

February 1983     (Valentine Shuler, Levi Biddle, Peter Blosser III, John Traber, Joseph Mills)

September 1983     (Joseph Mills, Sam Stull, Moses Wright)

February 1984     (Moses Wright, Frederick Yerian, Peter Slack & Sons, George L. Wickline, Nicholas Carpenter)

August 1984     (Thomas Cellar, The Barnhart Rifle, Elisha Woods McCraner)

March 1985     (The 2 Jacob Resors, David Leonard, Joseph Clippinger)

September 1985     (Joseph Clippinger, Daniel McKinney Sr., Simon Greensky)

March 1986     (James F. Vantrees, The Vincent Family)

October 1986     (John Young, Valentine Libeau)

February 1987     (Aman Ford, James Clark)

August 1987     (Jacob Resor, Hiram W. White)

February 1988     (Rifles at Fort Pitt, John Owens, Nathan Downey)

November 1988     (James Ross, Joshua W. Stackhouse, Riley Haskell, Moses Livesay, Philip Knappenberger)

February 1989     (Ephriam Sonedecker, George Hahn, A.C. McGirr, John Vincent)

August 1989 - Part 1     (John Small Family, John Young) 

August 1989 - Part 2     (John Young)

February 1990     (The Baker/Baesel Rifles, Abraham Johnson, Joel M. Johnson, Moses Wright)

September 1990     (Jerman Jordan, Philip Stamn)

February 1991     (Pierre (Peter) Frederick Charpie, Hugh Weaver, Carl Charles Cullman)

August 1991 - Part 1   (McCammett Family, Christian Siebert, William Earnheart, Daniel Marker)

August 1991 - Part 2    

February 1992     (African-American Gunsmiths, Jacob Saylor, Jacob Lindamood, Sheets Family, Charles Siebert, Joel Johnson, Christian Herr)

October 1992     (Jacob Paulmer, Joshua Zartman)

February 1993 - Part 1     (Jacob Paulmer)

February 1993 - Part 2

August 1993 - Part 1     (Henry Humbarger, Douglass Family, Aaron Channel)

August 1993 - Part 2    

February 1994     (Folk Art on Rifle, John Hetrick, David Sink, Jonathan Irick, Ruben Yutzy) 

August 1994     (Charles Cullmann)

February 1995     (Samuel Augustine, J. C. Vincent Pocket Diary)

August 1995 - Part 1     (Jacob Truby, John Mosser, Benjamin Loar, Henry Walter, J.C. Vincent Pocket Diary (Continued))

August 1995 - Part 2

February 1996     (Mesheck Moxley, J.C. Vincent Pocket Diary (Continued))

September 1996 - Part 1     (Barnhart Family, Joseph Rider)

September 1996 - Part 2

February 1997     (Moses Henry, William Bowman, Old Daddy Long, Selby Webb)

August 1997     (James Clark, Issac Keller, J.C. Vincent Pocket Diary (Continued))

February 1998     (Tansel Powder Horns, John Kincaid)

August 1998     (John Neill, Double Horns)

February 1999     (George Wareham)

August 1999     (Simpson Livasy, Moses Livasy)

February 2000     (Martin Beeman, Sells Family, Joseph Mills Halfstock, Peter Geiger, Long Hunters of Duncan Falls)

November 2000     (John Moser, Moses Wright, Finley Keith)

August 2001 - Part 1     (Henry Gross, William Kail Pistol, Mercer Co. Horns)

August 2001 - Part 2    

August 2001 - Part 3

August 2001 - Part 4

February 2002     (Samuel L. Faries, United We Stand, Thomas & Joel Sigler)

August 2002 - Part 1     (Jacob Powell, Ted Dixon, Thomas Hunt, William Barnhart, Burnet Family, David Parley Ripley)

August 2002 - Part 2

February 2003     (John Baer, Vincent Letters)

September 2003     (Benjamin Wright, AOLRC Award, Vincent Letters)

February 2004     (Asa McClelland, Jacob Saylor)

September 2004     (Laudenslager Family)

February 2005     (Teaff Family, John Lowmaster)

February 2006 - Part 1     (Shuler Family, Bates Family, William Bowman shoots himself)

February 2006 - Part 2    

February 2007     (Elias Bird, Death of John Blatter, AOLRC 30th Anniversary)

February 2008     (Edward J. Wolfgang)

October 2008     (Ferdinand DeVaux)

February 2009     (Earnheart Family)

October 2009     (J.R. Stull, Michael Snively)

March 2010     (Abraham Swartz)

October 2010     (Charles E. Burns, Artistic Elements of a late Delaware Cty Rifle, Part 1)

February 2011     (Alexander Ager, Charles Caton, Samuel B. Thompson,  Artistic Elements of a late Delaware Cty Rifle, Part 2)

October 2011     (John William Rickets, Daniel Smith Jr., Artistic Elements of a late Delaware Cty Rifle, Part 3)

February 2012     (Misc. tidbits on Ohio Gunsmiths)

September 2012     (William S. Chase)

March 2013     (William Christian Johann Grauman, Montgomery Cty Gunsmiths)

September 2013     (Peter F. Zeise)

March 2014     (James Rogers, Job Rossell, David Luther Ackley, additional Ohio Gunsmiths)

August 2014     (Edward Arn, Hiram Wheeler)

February 2015     (John Earnhart, Michael Sells, John Park, William Norris)

August 2015     (Joseph Clippinger, Iowa purchased Ohio Long Rifles)

February 2016     (Additional Iowa purchased Ohio Long Rifles, Other Side of the Long Rifle)

August 2016     (Pennsville Rifle Club, Andrew Klay)

February 2017     (Unique Humberger Rifle, Davy Crockett's "First Rifle")

September 2017     (Jerman Jordan, Folk Art of D. Newlin Rifles)

February 2018 - Part 1   (George Hahn, Henry C. Burns)

February 2018 - Part 2    (Henry C. Burns (Cont.), Alexander Ager)

September 2018 - Part 1  

September 2018 - Part 2   (John Reinbolt, Nathan Bender, Smooth Bore Guns)

September 2018 - Part 3   (Daniel Marker)

September 2018 - Part 4   (Smith Lafferty)

March 2019 - Part 1           (President's Message, Editor's Note)

March 2019 - Part 2           (Meet the Directors - Liza Kindig)

March 2019 - Part 3           (A.C. McGirr Half-stock, Marietta, Ohio)

March 2019 - Part 4           (Marietta Show Raffle Rifle, A Small Ohio Powder Horn)

March 2019 - Part 5           (Ladies of the AOLRC News)